By Jen
February 9, 2023

Hello, Adventure

By Jen

Is anybody out there…testing… 1-2-3…

Hello road trippers, wanderers, explorers, and adventurers! Welcome to our travel diary,
the spot where we’ll share news about our fave places, restaurants, tours, road trips
and all the interesting people we meet along the way. This is also where you’ll find out
the latest news on events, activities, and the occasional playlist.

Let’s get to it and talk about The Canyons. We’re set on 22 acres and opened our doors
in February 2023 to our first RV guests. Our grand opening is set for April 2023. At that
point, we’ll have 215 RV spaces and twelve super cool glamping cabins available to
book. And we’re planning additional accommodations in future phases. We’ll share
more on that in later entries! We’re the perfect modern blend of having everything you
need, all the conveniences, but also being in the great outdoors. Our top-notch
amenities include the fastest and most reliable WIFI in the area, pool, splash pad, food,
and beverage (wine + beer!), guest speakers, events, and a spacious lodge where you
can shop, relax, work, play, or grab a coffee.
You may not have heard of Page, Arizona before…but you’ve undoubtedly seen photos
of the area.

Look familiar?
Horseshoe Bend, AZ

How about this?

Lake Powell, AZ

Or this?

Antelope Canyon, AZ

Page is a stunning location with world famous sights like Horseshoe Bend, Lake Powell,
Antelope Canyon, Glen Canyon Dam and endless UTV trails, climbs, hikes and so
many friendly people. You could make it a big vacation blow out, you could visit for a
quick getaway, or you could work from The Canyons…live like a digital nomad, try the
van life. We’ve got your back. Bring your family, bring you friends, bring you pets. We’re
happy to see them all. Decide what’s best for you and meet us at 1099 Coppermine

Safe travels and we’ll see you soon!


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