Area Attractions

Horseshoe Bend

Known as the “east rim of the Grand Canyon,” this sliver of the national park is amazing! A quick 30 minute hike takes you to a view you don’t want to miss.

AZ, 4.5 miles away, 7 minutes
See horseshoe bend

Antelope Canyon

Antelope Canyon is easily accessible for both hiking enthusiasts and beginners. It’s one of the most photographed locations in the world.

AZ, 5.9 miles away, 16 minutes
See Antelope Canyon

Grand Canyon

Home to views like no other, the Grand Canyon is the go-to destination for those looking for their next adventure. Plan your next camping trip to visit this dream location.

AZ, 216 miles away, 3 hours 30 minutes
See Grand Canyon

Glen Canyon Dam

Check out the second highest concrete arch dam in the country. Rising 710 within the Navajo sandstone walls of Glen Canyon, be sure to walk across the bridge for spectacular views and photos.

AZ, 4.3 miles away, 8 minutes
See Glen Canyon Dam

Lake Powell

Fun for the whole family, Lake Powell is MASSIVE, with thousands of miles of shoreline, stunning scenery, swimming, boating and water skiing. Plus, loads of sunshine.

AZ, 7.7 miles away, 11 minutes
See Lake Powell

Antelope Canyon - Upper

AZ, 2.7 miles away, 4 minutes

Antelope Canyon - Lower

AZ, 3.6 miles away, 7 minutes

Horseshoe Bend

AZ, 4.5 miles away, 7 minutes

The Chains

AZ, 5.4 miles away, 11 minutes

Lake Powell - Antelope Marina

AZ, 7.7 miles away, 11 minutes

Lake Powell - Wahweap Marina

AZ, 9.4 miles away, 19 minutes

Big Water - Escalante UTV/ATV Area

AZ, 19.1 miles away, 24 minutes

Navajo Bridge

AZ, 39 miles away, 41 minutes

Lee's Ferry/Lonley Dell Ranch

AZ, 40 miles away, 42 minutes

The Wave

AZ, 47.1 miles away, 1 hour 8 minutes

Navajo Mountain National Monument

AZ, 86.4 miles away, 1 hour 23 minutes

Wupatki/ Sunset Crater National Monument

AZ, 104 miles away, 1 hour 40 minutes

Grand Canyon - South Rim

AZ, 117 miles away, 2 hours 7 minutes

Zion National Park

UT, 117 miles away, 2 hours 20 minutes

Monument Valley

AZ, 120 miles away, 1 hour 58 minutes

Grand Canyon - North Rim

AZ, 123 miles away, 3 hours 18 minutes


AZ, 128 miles away, 2 hours 18 minutes

Cedar Breaks National Monument

UT, 143 miles away, 2 hours 40 minutes

Bryce Canyon National Park

UT, 154 miles away, 2 hours 51 minutes

Saint George

UT, 156 miles away, 2 hours 51 minutes

Arches National Park

UT, 284 miles away, 4 hours 48 minutes

Capitol Reef National Park

UT, 284 miles away, 4 hours 48 minutes

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